BRASA Secretary post

To all BRASA Members,

A big thankyou to all BRASA members for your efforts regarding the recent AGM. Over 60% of members voted in the election for Office Bearers. There are not many community associations who can boast such a large response. The results of the election are: Greg Slater, President; Tom Sharp, Vice President; Janis Rossiter, Secretary; Tom Blake, Treasurer; Shane Mobbs, Committee Member.

The outgoing Committee did its utmost to include all BRASA members in the vote. They recognised how busy everyone is nowadays, so considered it important to be flexible and avail of new technology in order to be inclusive. In the lead up to the election, members were kept advised of the process by emails, mail outs and on the night of 25th March with live streaming direct to member’s websites.

The voting period commenced on 25 March at the Hall on Graceleigh then continued by post, email and ballot boxes at Beechmont School and Beechmont General Store with the AGM and voting closing on 31 March. This initiative was designed to give as many members as possible the opportunity to take part in the very important AGM. The process was very time consuming for the committee members and voluntary helpers, but I’m sure you will agree that the results were well worthwhile.

As expected, there were a few teething problems with the new equipment on the night, but none that can not be overcome. As we use the new technology for movie nights and other community events throughout the coming year, our skills in operating the equipment will improve. The AGM was the first time BRASA has used new technology, but given its success it will not be the last time.

The incoming and outgoing BRASA Committee would like to thank the three Justices of the Peace, Mr Joe Zerafa, Mr Gary Cameron and Mr Michael Cully who devoted many hours to ensure that the voting process was open, unbiased and transparent throughout. It is fantastic when people of standing within our Legal System are prepared to donate their valuable time, at no cost, to our community.

Yours sincerely

Janis Rossiter
BRASA Secretary



The ballot slips for the executive committee positions contested at the 2015 BRASA AGM have been counted by Joe Zerafa J.P. and scrutinised by Gary Cameron J.P. and Michael Cully J.P. at the old school site this evening the 31st March 2015 and the results are as follows:

Position Name Count Name Count
President Greg Slater 116 Linda Munster 83
Vice President Tom Sharp 106 David Murphy 93
Secretary Janis Rossiter 107 Kim Sami  92
Treasurer Tom Blake 107 Gregory McKenzie 90
Committee Member Shane Mobbs 125 Janine van Boeschoten    73
Motion Yes No Abstain    
Minutes from 2014 AGM 117 7 69    
The audited financial report to 31st June 2014 123 3 67    
Bruce O’Connor C.A. be endorsed  the Association’s auditor for the 2014/15 financial year 124 19 51    

Greg Slater President, Tom Sharp Vice-President, Janis Rossiter Secretary, Tom Blake Treasurer and Shane Mobbs General Committee Member will all resume their positions immediately.