Results of BRASA Annual General Meeting

The BRASA AGM was successfully completed on 25/11/18 at Hall on Graceleigh.

The names of the successful candidates for positions on the management committee and the resolutions passed by members are as follows:

Committee Members:

President:                      Greg McKenzie
Vice-president:              Victoria Edmond
Secretary:                     Janis Rossiter
Treasurer:                     Peter Clark
Committee Member:    Dan McKenzie

Successful Resolutions:

  • Motion (1):  “THAT the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting of BRASA as circulated to members be taken as read and confirmed.”
  • Motion (2):  “THAT the audited financial report to 31 June 2018 as circulated be accepted as a true indication of the Association’s financial position. “
  • Motion (3):  “THAT Mr Bruce O’Connor, C.A. be endorsed as the Association’s Auditor for the 2018/2019 financial year.”
  • Motion (4):  “THAT the BRASA Management Committee erect a white picket fence around Graceleigh Park.”
  • Motion (5): “THAT the BRASA Management Committee transfer the BRASA assets as circulated to members to Beechmont State School.”
  • Motion (6): “THAT the BRASA Membership Fee be set at: $5 per annum

NOTE:  Motion (4): “THAT the BRASA Management Committee erect a white picket fence around Graceleigh Park.”  –  FAILED

Members of the outgoing Management Committee would like to welcome the new Committee members and wish them all the best for the year ahead.

The Management Committee would like to thank the two Justices of the Peace, Mr Peter Irwin and Mr Joe Zerafa who gave of their time to oversee the voting process.  Scrutineers were Mr Greg McKenzie and Mr Boris Zoubakin.

The Committee would also like to thank Irene and Boris Zoubakin who have given many, many hours of their time as volunteers to assist BRASA and the Beechmont community.  Their skills and talent will be sorely missed.

The new Committee will meet within the next few days to start work on the many activities required of a Committee. BRASA members will be kept informed of ongoing decisions made on their behalf by the Committee.

Yours sincerely

Janis Rossiter
Beechmont Recreation, Arts & Sports Association Inc.

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