Beechmont Sports & Social Club – Golf Day Photos

More than a few Beechmont locals would have rubbed their eyes for another glance at the sight of the old school bus trundling past them on Beechmont rd the other Sunday morning.

Accustomed to its daily feather-light cargo the bus labored under the weight of 33 very grown-up adults making their way down to Canungra Golf Club to take part in the Beechmont Sports and Social Club (BSSC) annual golf day.

It was a motley crew made up mostly of hackers but one golfer per team of three carried the load and off they bumbled around the picturesque course. Under a cloudless sky spirits were high and the drinks buggy kept them that way.

A perfect day it seemed until the tranquility was punctured by a shrill cry coming from the third tee. At first it was feared that someone might have been struck by one of many stray balls flying around the course. However, the source of the disturbance soon revealed itself to be a man silhouetted in the winter sun with his pants down around his ankles. The witless man had paid the customary price for failing to clear the ladies’ tee with a woeful shot. It hasn’t yet been determined whether the cries derived from delight or horror.

Back at the clubhouse the crew enjoyed a buffet lunch after which the scorecards were counted and Team 11, captained by Col Maurice, was crowned the winner. It wasn’t over yet though as gold coins were flung into an Akubra signaling the ‘chip onto the green challenge’ was on.

Following some thoroughly entertaining efforts the golfers shone through and Luke Durant nudged out last year’s winner Dan Blunt, with a sublime shot.Special thanks go out to, Sandy, Liz and all at Canungra Golf Club for hosting yet another great day.

See you again next year!

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