BRASA Insurance Position

Under the Australian Prudential Regulation (APRA) Authority Act 1998, entities can only insure for themselves and any other entities/organizations in which they have a controlling interest.

BRASA, as the leaseholder of Graceleigh Park (not The Hall), does in fact have a controlling interest over the entities using the facilities and therefore complies with the policy requirement. The following groups have been listed on BRASA’s Insurance Policy: ANZAC committee, soccer club, netball club, tennis club and seniors.

A special clause has now been added, which deems that BRASA, as the leaseholder of Graceleigh Park (not The Hall), does in fact have a controlling interest over the entities which use the facilities and therefore complies with the policy’s requirement.
The review also discovered that there was no cover in place for voluntary workers and office holders. This has now been added.

The policies do not cover injuries arising from sporting activities, though clubs can arrange their own insurance if desired.

Insurance Details

BRASA’s insurance

  • $20m public liability
  • Volunteers liability
  • Officeholders liability

BRASA members and sub-committees are covered by BRASA’s insurance policy anywhere in Australia for BRASA events, excursions and Graceleigh Park areas under BRASA’s management. This includes Hall on Graceleigh.

It does not cover the other areas at Graceleigh Park such as the south-west corner of Graceleigh Park where the ANZAC memorial and shelter sheds sit, and east of the road including the BBQs, toilets and ring road down near Back Creek. It actually covers the area where the ANZAC memorial flagpoles sit!

From Zoya Blackstein, SRRC: I have confirmed with Property & Operations that the Anzac Memorial does not fall within the leased area of Beechmont Recreation Arts & Sport Association. I would suggest contacting the Beechmont Anzac Day Committee for them to look at extending their insurance coverage to include Graceleigh Oval and the Hall if this is utilised as well as this is hosted by them. I would also suggest talking to the association’s insurance broker as well or whoever looks after the BRASA insurance policy that you can ask these questions too as well. They will be better positioned to give the best advice on this scenario.

The area includes the tennis courts, play area, oval, cricket club and nets. See Map under agreement between Beaudesert Shire Council and Beechmont Sports Association.

Areas outside the Graceleigh Park boundaries. Not covered by BRASA’s insurance policies. Includes the toilets, BBQs on the eastern site, the roundabout down near Back Creek and the ANZAC memorial.

Sub-committees of BRASA. Covered under BRASA as all members of sub-committee(eg. Social club) are members of BRASA

ANZAC committee, soccer club, netball club, tennis club and seniors. Insurance is covered for Graceleigh Park areas under BRASA control. Netball, cricket and soccer have their own policies through their national sports association.

Insurance for use of Hall on Graceleigh. BRASA is just one of the users of the Hall and therefore does not have a controlling interest.

Any of the groups wishing to use the hall need to formally contact BRASA to book the Hall for any events. For the seniors, this could be one email covering every Monday for the foreseeable future. This is only to satisfy the insurance policy and BRASA will never refuse bookings; unless the Education Department does.

Excursions Away From Graceleigh Park. Under the current policy, all BRASA events and excursions are covered Australia wide but it does not cover any activities by any organization/entity away from Graceleigh Park unless that entity is a sub-committee of BRASA.

Bunnings BBQs. To be covered for Bunnings BBQs, the clubs must register under BRASA and deposit the moneys into BRASA’s bank account. BRASA will then transfers the monies back into the club’s account. Anyone manning the BBQ must be a BRASA member.

Volunteers on BRASA activities: covered. Must be registered
Please email: for any further clarification.

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