BRASA Insurance Coverage

Further to Greg McKenzie’s letter of 12/4/19 advising that BRASA’s insurer (QBE) will not renew BRASA’s Public Liability Policy (including Management Committee Defamation cover) when it is due for renewal on 30/4/19, BRASA’s Management Committee has been seeking alternative insurers, but with no success to date.

On 18/4/19, Scenic Rim Regional Council advised that it will provide insurance coverage through its insurance until 30/9/19. Coverage however is only for those activities conducted on Graceleigh Park, ie the tennis/netball clubhouse, cricket/soccer clubhouse and Graceleigh Park itself. BRASA has gratefully accepted this offer.

Whilst this offer is not sufficient to cover all BRASA activities, it will provide BRASA with the ability to continue to seek insurance coverage or if none is forthcoming to wind up the Association. The BRASA Management Committee has requested SRRC to extend insurance coverage indefinitely and to include all other BRASA activities. We await their response.

BRASA has sought legal advice and has been advised all sustaining member clubs that do not have their own insurance and do not conduct their activities on Graceleigh Park, should cease activities immediately.
Meanwhile BRASA will continue to seek insurance coverage to benefit the Association.

If further information is required, please contact the BRASA Secretary by email at or on mobile 0407 834 559.

Yours sincerely

Janis Rossiter
Beechmont Recreation, Arts & Sports Association Inc.