BRASA General Meeting – Saturday 7 April 2018

The Beechmont Recreation, Arts and Sports Association Inc (BRASA) had their general meeting this afternoon at the Cricket clubhouse on Graceleigh Park. A cosy and amicable affair with an attendance of 16, apparently enough for a quorum. The agenda items were quickly and efficiently dealt with under the presidency of Tom Sharp, together with Secretary Janis Rossiter and Treasurer Irene Zoubakin. Apparently, there is today still some money left in the bank after all activities have been paid for.

The importance of grants to keep the ship going was quite evident. And the results of getting those grants can be seen. Beechmont now has remarkably well equipped sporting facilities at Graceleigh Park, something that has not always been there but is now coming together with plenty of initiatives and grants monies. Still a way to go for the wish-list, but clearly well underway.

Running outdoor movies was something of a fizzer because of the high fees involved in getting the rights to screen the blockbusters. Someone said that running “Grease” would probably be a lot cheaper in licence fees, but even the old evergreens still command a fair bit of charges. Probably needs a Netflix subscription or something now 🙂

There was mention of goals with wheels for the soccer which can be taken off the field when playing cricket. There were also discussions on an Ikea style grandstand which can be setup and taken down without too much effort.

Club Secretary Janis Rossiter will move out of town later in the year and will resign by then. The search is on for a new Secretary. The current membership of BRASA stands on 320 and there is a very positive feeling on the achievements of the past period and the plans for the near future. Watch this space!