Notice of AGM – 1 September 2018


All BRASA members are invited to attend our Annual General Meeting

DATE: Saturday 1 September 2018
TIME: 9am
VENUE: The Hall on Graceleigh, Beechmont Rd, Beechmont

There are currently over 300 members of BRASA. BRASA is a democratic, volunteer based organization. The Committee is aware that many members, for various reasons, may be unable to attend the meeting. To ensure as many members as possible are able to participate in the voting process, the polling booth will open at 9am and close at 1pm.

Currently, the BRASA Executive Committee is very busy with ensuring grant monies are spent as expeditiously as possible, ensuring that Graceleigh Park is kept in pristine condition and working with the affiliated clubs to help them grow and develop to the extent where they are largely self-sufficient. It is therefore vitally important that applicants to positions on the BRASA Executive Committee are good communicators, able to work as a member of a team (the Committee) and are prepared to work hard, ie have the time and will necessary to attend to the work required by a large organisation.

All positions will be declared vacant and current committee members will need to re-stand for election. Voting for all positions and for the Motions on the Ballot Paper will be by secret ballot commencing from 9am on 1 September 2018.

There will be a number of motions on the Ballot paper for members to consider and vote upon. To enable members to have as much knowledge as possible of current matters, jnformation has previously been forwarded to members by email; more will follow over the time leading up to 1 September 2018. Options will be provided on the ballot slip.

One matter to be considered is a decision on a possible increase to the current membership fee of $2 for Ordinary members. Another matter is expenditure of the latest grant monies. As members would be aware, BRASA has received $34,000 from one grant, while $10,000 from another grant is to be spent expressly on a cricket fence around the Oval. Extra funds will be required to complete the cricket fence. Members will be asked to decide if the extra monies come from the larger grant or the fence is to be partially erected and completed at a later date.

When the polls close at 1pm, votes will be counted by a Justice of the Peace. It is anticipated that that the results will be announced by 2pm and the meeting will then be declared closed.

Refreshments will be available from 10am.

The Agenda, Minutes of the previous AGM, the Request for nominations and Committee position nomination form are available to download at the links below:

The Returning Officer will be available from 9am on 1 September 2018 at the Hall on Graceleigh.

  • Signs will indicate entry to the polling booth
  • The Returning officer will check members names off the Membership Roll and provide the voting material; to ensure one vote per member. The nominated representative of each BRASA affiliated (sustaining) club has one vote on behalf of the members of their club
  • Please complete the voting material and drop in the locked ballot box provided
  • For those who cannot wait for the results to be declared, the information will be posted on the next day

Janis Rossiter
Beechmont Recreation, Arts & Sports Assoc Inc. (BRASA)