Rain Stops Works At Oval!!  


One truckload of sand was dropped off near tennis club yesterday and most then spread around the oval. The remaining 6 truckloads couldn’t be delivered because of the rain. The left-over sand needed to be spread out near tennis club as oval was too wet for equipment.

The landscapers couldn’t have the turf delivered became of rain at Esk. We need to wait until the rain has passed. The oval will be top-dressed in September school holidays which is the next available window; according to the landscaping experts.

A new cricket pitch was put it at a higher level with the intention of having the oval drain away to the edges. This was a much cheaper option than previous and needed to be done as the grant application for the oval rebuild was unsuccessful. Filling rather than cutting out and levelling will be done.

As soon as possible, there will be turf placed around the pitch.

The oval has recently been aerated and fertilized. We now have a far superior oval even before it is fully finished!


BRASA Survey and FactSheet 2015



Beechmont Recreation Arts & Sports Association (BRASA)

has a net worth of approximately $360,000 plus $50,000 in fixed assets. These funds came mostly from the sale of Beechmont Hall in 2012.

As a resident of Beechmont Mountain, you are a stakeholder.

BRASA’s executive committee has released a comprehensive survey below, which it hopes will lead  towards the creation of a strategic plan reflecting the wishes of the association’s membership.

The survey is open to the whole community and membership to the association is open to all Beechmont Mountain residents.

Membership forms can be obtained from the brasainc.com website.

The survey can be accessed by scrolling down to the link at the bottom, the Beechmont Community Facebook page and the brasainc.com website.

To provide clarification and assistance, some important facts and notes have been outlined below.

For access to more detailed information, such as the association’s lease agreements and its constitution etc., BRASA committee member Tom Blake has compiled an information pack which can be found on the brasainc.com website under the BRASA tab on the opening page.

Please email any further information or changes you might want to add tobrasacommittee@gmail.com


The current BRASA management committee is committed to assisting all of its member clubs and organisations in their efforts to obtain available grants.
For example, most grants provide 80% of the project cost and require the recipient to put in the remaining 20%.
Depending on the project this can be derived from volunteer labour and/or funds.
When multiple grants being applied for, it will be a decision for the membership to prioritise and vote upon.

The Hall On Graceleigh (The Hall) has been the source of much contention in the community. It is true that the Hall is owned solely by the Department of Education and Training (DET); it is also true that it does not come under BRASA’s lease agreement, and there are those in the community who believe that BRASA should not have to deplete its funds to improve it.

The current committee however, believes that if any community group or club currently using the Hall wishes to apply for any available grants to improve it, then it is only fair and equitable they should receive the same assistance and consideration from BRASA as any other member clubs or groups.


  • BRASA holds $360k in funds and another $50,000 in assets. This money was donated to BRASA from the old Beechmont Hall Committee. The money came from the sale of the old hall and many years of local community fundraising.


  • The Hall is owned by the DET and they own any improvements made to it until the end of the lease, at which time the assets revert back to theScenic Rim Regional Council  (SRRC).


  • The SRRC holds all of Graceleigh Park -including the land The Hall sits upon- in trust for the state government.


  • The SRRC has leased the land, on which The Hall sits, to the DET on a 30-year basis.


  • This lease agreement dictates the DET must use reasonable endeavours to make the premises available for use by members of the general community. However such third party use will be in accordance with any of their relevant policies.


  • A substantial amount of money ($40-50,000) has already been spent by BRASA on the current kitchen and other equipment at The Hall.


  • The current BRASA constitution was created and adopted in 2013 when at the time the association had only 13 members.


  • In late 2013 several community groups appealed to the SRRC to intervene in a dispute over memberships being closed to the community. The SRRC appointed a consultant and a historical membership drive took place.  The membership was boosted to 250 with the current figure standing at 281.


  • Memberships are now open to the whole community and will remain so.


  • BRASA as per the lease agreement has no management responsibility or control over the The Hall and its access to the community


  • All revenues in relation to The Hall go to the DET and not to BRASA or the community.


  • At the time of writing the operating costs for The Hall, which exceeds any incoming revenues, are paid for by the DET.


  • BRASA is just one of the users of The Hall. There is no other formal affiliation.


  • BRASA objectives are (but not restricted) to
    • promote the use of The Hall and to help in raising funds to improve it
    • promote recreational, sports and arts activities on Beechmont mountain; not restricted to Graceleigh Park
    • manage Graceleigh Park


  • BRASA has a lease agreement with the SRRC dating back to 1990. The lease covers Graceleigh Park, its facilities and the buildings on it.


  • BRASA is hoping to be able to use part of the parkland immediately to the north of Graceleigh Park. This parkland has been transferred from the Beechmont Rise developer to SRRC.







BRASA requests better access to Hall on Graceleigh by Beechmont Community

Letter sent to Hall on Graceleigh Committee:

13th March 2015
To the Beechmont Hall Committee c/o Beechmont State School Beechmont Road
BeechmontQLD 4211

RE:   Use of Hall on Graceleigh

BRASA is fully behind the Hall on Graceleigh and fully appreciates that it is a great local community asset.  However, there are a number of issues that need to be addressed, as BRASA wants to see the Hall sustainable in the long-term. Matters that BRASA would like to see addressed are:

1. BRASA representation on the Hall Committee
BRASA should be able to appoint a delegate to represent BRASA at Hall Committee meetings. Would Virginia West and Belinda Coulahan, who are the current Lessor and Lessee representatives please confirm this?

2.     Hall Access
Whilst it has been several years since the opening of the Hall, procedures for using the Hall are not clear and simple.

These need to be addressed as a matter of urgency. Currently, when a member of the community wishes to hire the Hall on Graceleigh, they need to ring Beechmont State School, request information and have details sent to them, etc; a time consuming process.  If such procedures were adopted, the load would also be lightened on Beechmont State School’s staff. At the very least there should be:

  • Simplified procedures for general community to access the Hall
  • Expedient and friendly processing of requests
  • Procedures, Policies, Forms and Hire Charges to be published on BRASA’s/school’s website enabling anyone wishing to book the Hall to be able to review the charges, procedures, insurance requirements and complete a booking form
  • Hire of the Kitchen to be simplified (one local couple gave up after months of endeavours of wanting to use the kitchen to manufacture products for markets). This is particularly relevant as it was the Beechmont Community who donated the moneys to install the
  • Procedures for access request Out of school periods

3. Insurance
If members of BRASA (current joining fee of $2.00), do they need to seek permission from BRASA? Are they covered by BRASA’s insurance? If so; this would simplify the insurance dilemma.

Also there needs to be verification of facts around an edict put out by the Education Department (that was apparently read by Kim Sami) that the insurance policy can be relaxed on a case by case basis. This information has not been formally communicated to BRASA. Please confirm DET’s position on this matter and have it published for all potential hirers to see; noting person able to make this relaxation.

4. BRASA social club.
As a sub-committee of BRASA, social club members may wish to play sport including futsol/indoor soccer inside the Hall On Graceleigh Park. This was banned by the Department of Education in the past. Yet it is a sporting hall and public liability insurance does not cover playing sport. The local community paid for the special floor surface to enable such sports to be played. We need to be assured that sport is allowed to be played in the Hall.

5. Revenue
Where does revenue from the Hall on Graceleigh go?  Does it go into the Beechmont State School Budget/Pool or into another DET Pool?  If the expenses come out of Beechmont State School’s budget, BRASA is willing to consider the following:

  • Set Up a Sub-committee/ private person to advertise and co-ordinate events, functions,conventions, weddings etc for both Graceleigh Park and Hall on The sub­ committee/private person would receive a set fee.
  • To enable this to occur, the facility would need to be upgraded (eg. lining of Hall) and extensive advertising /co-ordination. BRASA would consider proposals from the P&C regarding grantsand resources to enable these events to occur at the

6. Hall Hire
Can BRASA sub-hire the Hall? eg. BRASA promotes a sporting event, charges the event for all of Graceleigh Park and then pay DET the hiring fees?

7. Internet Access
There is none at the Hall. This would be critical if the hall is to be used for functions or conventions.

8. Infrastructure

  • The size of the roof of the Hall would enable the installation of a large rainwater It would be an overflow from the existing tank.  BRASA would consider funding this improvement if the tank were to be located on land other than Lease A which is rented by DET.   BRASA needs permission from DET to do this.
  • Formal clarification is required from DET regarding use of water from the existing tank by groups using the Hall or Graceleigh

If the rumours are true that BER halls around Australia are to adopt the Beechmont model, then surely the Beechmont model should be working properly. The operators of the Hall must be seen to be allowing the general public reasonable access (as per the lease agreement) in an easy friendly and professional manner.  We look forward to working with you on this matter.