BRASA 2016 AGM Results








10 April 2016

To all BRASA Members,

Thank you to all the BRASA members who turned out to vote at the Annual General Meeting held on 9 April 2016.

Only one position on the BRASA Executive Committee was contested; that of the Vice-President. Tom Sharp retained his seat on the Committee. Results were Tom Sharp 67, Greg McKenzie 37.

The voting process was designed to give as many members as possible the opportunity to take part in the very important AGM. The meeting officially opened at 4pm to commence voting. Reports from the Committee members and candidate speeches took place from 5pm to 5.45pm and voting continued till 7pm. In total, 104 BRASA members turned out to vote and 37 members attended between 5 and 5.45pm. Once votes were counted by the returning officer and results announced, the meeting officially closed at 8.15pm. Please find below the official results.

The BRASA Committee would like to thank the Justice of the Peace, Mr Joe Zerafa who with the assistance of his wife, Sharon gave freely of their time to assist a community to achieve a democratic voting process. Mr Zerafa does not live on the Mountain, but we sincerely thank him and his wife for donating their valuable time to our small community.

It is gratifying that BRASA has so many members who are willing to participate in meetings. Annual General Meetings, especially can be regarded as rather boring affairs. AGM’s, however are a legislative reporting requirement for all Incorporated Clubs and necessarily the most formal of all meetings.

Even though BRASA meeting attendance numbers are very good in comparison to many other clubs, it is apparent that members are reluctant to sit in on meetings. To this end successive BRASA Committees have been exploring different ways to increase participation by making meetings more interesting. There are many members with really good, progressive ideas and skills that the Committee would welcome input from. We want to tap into the creative ideas of all – not just a few.

We recognize how busy life is in today’s world, but we seek to encourage all members to participate where they can. We need to know what you regard as important, how projects can be improved and better ways of doing things. To better serve you we need your feedback.

Yours sincerely

Janis Rossiter
BRASA Secretary

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